Ijevan Wine-Brandy Company is one of the most successful wine, brandy and canned food producers in Armenia


Ijevan wine-brandy factory is one of the first wineries of Armenia. It was founded under the Soviet government in 1951 to supply the Ararat trust and Yerevan factory of champagne wines and cognac and the champagne wine. 2005 was a pivotal year for the plant when it was purchased by businessman Emin by A. L. Yeghiazaryan and has undergone crucial changes. Were made on a large scale in the expansion of production and repair of winery.

These included transformations such as the acquisition of modern equipment and introduction of new technologies, updating staff specialists with academic degree and diplomas for the best wine-producing universities in Europe. These changes allowed the plant to keep pace with time and science. Today Ijevan wine-brandy factory produces high quality brandy, grape and fruit wine, fruit vodka, a wide range of canned and dried fruits.


Autograph our factory — selected red and white wines. They are made of extremely healthy and large bunches of grapes, which give the product a recognizable and terrific taste.

Any cognac "Ijevan" necessarily conceals in itself a piece of history.

Cognac alcohol produced from our own grapes, undergoes a double distillation. But it is still too early to be called cognac — in front of a long stage of aging.


Must say that we were very lucky. Lucky our factory is located in Sunny Armenia, because here the climate and soil allow you to grow a myriad number of different fruits, which we collect and use in the production of preservation.


Our factory offers cornel, mulberry and abricot distillates. Distillates are an icing on the cake, named Ijevan.


In 2013 Ijevan factory invested ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP food safety management systems. In 2014 we won the gold cup at «Top Ten Awards» as the best company in the field of alchoholic beverages production in the region. In October 2015 "The National Trust" international competition in Armenia.

Our factory is the only company in the winemaking field to be awarded «The Quality is Higher Than the Price" nomination and won a gold medal for high-quality production at «ArmProd EXPO 2015» exhibition.